Baratza Vario W


Weight-based dosing is the most accurate and repeatable way to make the most of every cup, at home, work or in light commercial settings.

The Baratza Vario W Flat Ceramic Burr Grinder combines an extremely precise, and fully integrated real-time weighing system with an advanced ceramic flat burr mechanism that delivers unbeatable range and consistency. With 10 Macro-adjust settings, and 20 Micro-adjust settings within each, the compact Vario Series grinders offer an impressive 230 distinct grind sizes that baristas and the discriminating home palette needs to accommodate any bean and any brew method. And the 54 mm professional ceramic flat burrs produce an exceptionally even grind with minimal fines, and will retain sharpness for twice as long as the highest quality steel burrs. The Vario W grinds at a rate of 1.6 – 2.2 grams per second (depending on the grind setting) and deposits directly into the included 6.3-oz static dispersing grinds container. You just enter the weight desired on the simple LED interface, or you can select from the 3 programmable buttons, and then push “start”. The Vario W’s scaling system is accurate to within 2 tenths of a gram, so locking in and duplicating the perfect grind and dose is a snap! Vario Grinders are also designed to minimize build-up in the mechanism after each use. But when you want to brush it out, you can neatly remove the 8-oz bean hopper (even when full), and quickly remove the ceramic burr by hand (no tools required) in less than a minute! The Vario W is a great choice for the coffee perfectionist at home, an office setting, or for light commercial cafT use. The Baratza Vario W Flat Ceramic Burr Grinder is backed by a manufacturer’s 1-year warranty and measures only 5″ l x 7″ w x 14″ h. All Baratza burr grinders include a quick-start guide and web address for a downloadable full owner’s manual. Features of the Baratza V


Weight-based grinding for extreme accuracy makes it easier to make that perfect cup of coffee. Baratza’s groundbreaking Vario-W is a fully integrated real-time weight-based grinder.Weight-based grinding for extreme accuracy makes it easier to make that perfect cup of coffee. Baratza’s groundbreaking Vario-W is a fully integrated real-time weight-based grinder. It has all the features of the Vario including small footprint, macro/micro adjustment, ceramic burrs, and a broad range of grind, but uses a weight-based dosing approach rather than a time-based approach. This professional-grade grinder fits anywhere, from your kitchen to your office to your café. The Vario-W was initially designed for use in a manual brew bar in a café, eliminating the need to manually pre-weigh coffee beans. The built-in precision load cell provides accurate weighing, while grinding, to within 0.1 grams. Three user-programmable buttons make for repeatable, one- touch grinding. The design is beautiful as well as functional. The Vario-W’s intuitive macro/micro adjustments offer 230 distinct and repeatable settings for any style of coffee. The Vario-W’s unique 54mm ceramic flat burrs provide accurate, fast-grinding (averaging 2 g/sec) performance and remain sharp twice as long as the best steel burrs. The high-torque DC motor and belt drive transmission mean your beans are in for a smooth, cool ride. As always, it’s not just what’s inside that matters; the Vario-W’s smooth operation carries over from internal to external, with front-mounted, easy-access control units, a 5 oz. grounds coffee collection bin.


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