///Baratza sette 270wi

Baratza sette 270wi


The Sette 270Wi has a macro/micro adjust for grind size, as well as 3 programmable settings for dosing. These combined features offer the user incredible repeatability. A unique, built-in, convertible device holder allows the user to grind directly into a portafilter, the supplied grounds bin, or most of the popular brewing devices.


Getting serious about extraction is all about the details. Precision, repeatability, and analysis give us a better understanding of the coffee we make. The serious coffee enthusiast controls as many variables as possible in order to find the best possible extraction.

The ability to dose precisely by weight, directly into the portafilter, is a giant leap forward in bringing the highest quality coffee and ease of use to the home user. The Sette 270Wi, using Acaia technology, learns from it own experience. By comparing the actual output versus requested dose, the grinder can modify its own offset(+/- weight adjustment) in order to more accurately grind by weight.

Bluetooth functionality enables the customer to update to the latest firmware with their smartphone over the air, so that functionality and user-experience changes can be made without the need for grinder disassembly.

The precision of the 270Wi‘s dosing system is matched by the precision of its grind adjustment system. The same stepless micro-adjustment from the Sette 270 provides incredible control of particle size.

The 270Wi also features the convertible device holder, but it’s powered by Acaia weighing technology. This makes it easy to grind by weight into any number of brewers, portafilters, and receptacles. Thanks to those separate accessories mentioned above, almost any portafilter can fit onto the 270Wi and remain grind-by-weight compatible.
This grinder is the ultimate tool for excellence in espresso – from preparation to extraction.

The journey into the world of delicious coffee starts with the right grinder. Any Sette will deliver great espresso for the home, but each provides different features for different needs.


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