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The Forté BG (Brew Grinder) our commercial level grinder, is the go-to for many bars and cafes offering customers a rotating selection of their best coffees on the Slow or Brew Bar.Winner – Best New Product, Commercial – Specialty Coffee Association Expo, 2013 This is the grinder your barista uses to make those pour-overs you enjoy at the café. Designed as a commercial solution to multi-offering pour-over bars, the Forte BG is a feature-forward, high-capacity, near-bulletproof grinder. If you have dreams of opening a coffee shop, the Forte BG can help make those dreams come true. Its small footprint, multifunction touchscreen, sturdy grind size adjustments, high daily capacity (5lbs per day) and grind-by-weight functionality make the Forte BG the premier choice for a brew bar. The 54mm flat steel burrs are engineered to produce an accurate and precise grind, deliver exceptional cup quality for all brew methods from espresso to French Press. The built-in electronic scale for accurate grind weights is a win-win for efficiency on the brew bar. The grinders offer a good look with their cast metal construction. High volume coffee bars across the world use arrays of Forte BGs to provide multiple brewed offerings at a time. Load each machine with a different coffee, and you’re just a touch away from brewing up a fresh order for your customer. This makes it possible for cafés to provide greater options for their customers without sacrificing workflow and efficiency for their baristas. Included with every Forte are a shut-off hopper and burr removal tool for easy cleaning, and a simple burr calibration tool for quick QC calibration. “…an ultra-precise, super-durable beefcake.”


The FortT series is the pinnacle of Baratza’s impressive line-up, and the BG (Brew Grinder) Flat Steel Burr Grinder model certainly does not disappoint! This commercial grade machine, though compact with just a 5″ x 7″ footprint, has a substantial and very durable feel thanks to the sleek, brushed, cast zinc body. And inside the gorgeous exterior, it’s designed with a larger gear-to-belt ratio and fitted with a more efficient DC motor to power the Ditter built, 54 mm flat steel burr assembly. It also features an all metal grind adjustment system, with a 10-step Macro arm and 26-step Micro arm for an awesome range of grind sizes from 230-1150 microns. The “Brew Grinder” designation within the FortT Series indicates that this model is slighter more oriented to the coarse side of the grind spectrum, and is capable of producing a deliciously gravel-like press-pot grind, the BG has plenty of range to provide the espresso drinker with lots of grind choices. Oh, And did we mention that you can easily toggle between weight-based and timer-based dosing? Well, you can…and it’s simple. The most notable thing about the Forte series may be the incredible ease of use provided by the LED touch-screen interface. Want to dose by weight? Tap the on-screen “weight” button, enter the amount, hit start. Want to replicate the timed espresso grind you made yesterday? No problem. Set the macro and micro, tap the on-screen “time” button and enter the time. And when you hone in on the perfect dose for a shot of ristretto or an 8-cup pot of French press (or any other brew that suits you), you can set it by time or weight to one of the three programmable on-screen buttons. The BG grinds with extreme precision and doses to within 0.2 grams or 0.1 seconds so consistent replication is easy for enthusiasts at home, an office full of professionals, or for baristas in a commercial setting.


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